Needs List

by Monica Panas, ICF PCC and CNVC Certified Trainer, Coach and Facilitator

Basic Principles of Needs-Based Fundamentals in Coaching and Leadership

1) Needs are the driving force behind all our conscious and unconscious behaviors and mental models (incl. beliefs and values). Needs are universal and common for all human beings. Everyone’s needs are equally important.

2) Our behaviors and mental models are Strategies to meet our needs. There is always a positive intent behind every strategy – an attempt to meet certain needs. There is an infinite number of strategies to meet a given need.

3) People differ on the level of strategies and unite on the level of needs.

4) Needs are dynamic – they can change from one moment to another. Feelings indicate if our needs are met or not met. If we experience pleasurable feelings, it means that our certain needs are met. If we experience difficult feelings, it means that our certain needs are not met.