If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
John Quincy Adams

Compassion means the leader has an in-depth understanding of themselves and others (their needs, motivations, strengths, limitations, challenges) and manages complex interpersonal situations in an optimal way for all the involved. It helps them navigate effective collaborating, decision-making, and achieving goals.

Practical tools of compassion-based leadership strenghten collaboration in the organization. They enhance effective communication and feedback, and help navigate challenging situations towards win-win solutions. They are invaluable in leading cultural and organizational change.

All this has a positive impact on how co-workers perceive and experience challenges. It brings more understanding, ease, and peace despite the everyday stress. This leads to both increased efficiency and overall job satisfaction, both for leaders and their teams.



Coaching – one-on-one / teams / groups

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching


  • Leadership development
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Effective collaboration & conflict resolution
  • Building stamina
  • NVC application in organizations

Monica Panas, PCC

• Executive and Leadership Coach & Facilitator
• ICF Professional Certified Coach
• CNVC Certified Trainer
• Author • Educator • Former Senior Corporate Leader
• Expert in Compassion-Based Leadership




Monica Panas, ICF PCC

ICF Professional Certified Coach specializing in leadership, collaboration, and stress management. Author of publications on compassion-based leadership, self-development and coaching rooted in neuroscience.
A former senior corporate leader and a management board member with experience in an international and multicultural business environment. She worked in banking, corporate finance, and business controlling. She successfully ran various structural and organizational changes with a broad impact on operations and staff, managed teams and projects remotely, and mastered effective collaboration and conflict resolution skills along the way.
As a global leadership coach with IKEA Group she ran coaching with managers and teams worldwide. She has implemented mentoring and development programs for leaders and teams in various countries. For over 15 years, with passion and integrity, she’s been supporting others in their personal and professional growth. Monica offers online courses and works virtually with individuals and groups worldwide. Her programs derive from her experience as a former senior corporate leader, parent, and business owner. Monica is a mom of two kids and she currently resides with her family in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA.